Houzz continues to grow


Enjoyed the #OpenHouzz @houzz in #yyc last night. Thanks for the invitation to attend – learned a lot and met some great folks.

As a small business, it is always a challenge to stay on top of social media.  There are so many choices, and we get contacted almost daily by somebody with the ‘next best thing’ to help get our presence out there.  A business has to decide what will work for them.  For South Calgary Dreambuilders it is important to be able to reach our prospective clients, and allow our existing and past ones to interact with our company.

As we have built our business, we have chosen several avenues to reach our potential market.  They have included our website, and our blog

Other social media we use includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and the one that has the potential to have most impact, Houzz.

Houzz is the site that allows us to create ideabooks with our potential and/or existing clients for their projects, where we can provide expertize in discussions and share our experiences.  It allows us to network with other renovation professionals and suppliers around the world, to source those specialty items that will make your project unique!

Earlier this week we received our first confirmed lead from a client who found us on Houzz, linked to our web page, liked what they saw and contacted us for their project!  If you are not yet on Houzz, we invite you to join and to connect to South Calgary Dreambuilders.  Like any of our social media pages, any of the interaction we have with our clients helps us better serve your needs.

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