Basement Development and Bathroom Renovations

I am a person that does not normally write reviews or posts on social media websites unless something has gone terribly wrong.

In this case though Dave from Your Dreambuilders went beyond my expectations. I found him through shortly after I had purchased a new house and was looking for someone to help me with framing an undeveloped basement.

Dave came in to provide a quote and was very pleasant and took the time to truly understand what I wanted. Once I had hired Dave he started immediately while I worked on other modifications like replacing the old plumbing in the house.

I enjoyed working with Dave so much I just kept giving him more work. He went from just framing the basement to adding a raised floor, building out a full bathroom, closing and sealing a basement window and re-tiling my bathrooms/laundry rooms on the second floor.

The best part is that he also stands by his work. We had a small issue with one of the tiles in a bathroom a year and half later and he still came back to fix it.

I almost forgot I also hired him to replace all the blinds for me at a rental property and my renter was super happy with Dave.

I have nothing but praise for this person. It is very rare to find someone as skilled and is passionate with what they do.

Andy T.

Basement Renovation and Tiling Bath and Laundry areas , Web Client