Our Services


Complete and Partial

Renovations are our area of expertise.  At yourDreambuilders.ca we have worked with our clients in the past to complete some truly amazing projects.

yourDreambuilders.ca will work with you from the early idea and design through completion, regardless of what your project may be.  Regardless of the size, we find that the success of the project is always more rewarding for everybody when we involve our clients in the process.

Our transparency with our clients provides a level of comfort we feel is crucial when entrusting somebody with what is likely your most important asset.  Whether it is initial design, project planning, pricing, helping with permits or managing the project from start to finish while providing everything from hands on expertise to a fully array of suppliers and some of the best sub-trades in the business, you are the decision maker!

From design help through to completion, your next renovation is in good hands with yourDreambuilders.ca.  Contact us during your planning stages, and we can help you design functional, affordable changes that work for you and your family.

Accessible Housing Services

Barrier-Free Showers, Stair Lifts, Elevators and More

Helping our seniors, our veterans or anybody else who is physically challenged to improve their accessibility and mobility is a service that yourDreambuilders.ca takes great pride in providing.    Whether caused by aging, medical conditions or accidents, increasing numbers of people want the freedom to live in their own home.  Many require barrier-free assistance to help accomplish their daily activities.

We are fortunate to access some of the best specialized product manufacturers and suppliers, along with the expertise needed to make our clients’ homes fully accessible to them.

Whether it is something as easy as grab bars or scooters, or more complicated such as constructing barrier-free showers and transitioning your home to improve accessibility, to complex adjustments like stair lifts or elevator systems, we have the experience and relationships to make your life more manageable day by day.

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to assist those who have earned it to gain a little more independence for themselves or their loved ones!

Kitchens and Bath Upgrades

Modernize the most lived in rooms of your house

If you are wanting to add sustainable value to your home, renovating your kitchen and bathroom(s) has proven to be the most effective way to do so.  At yourDreambuilders.ca this is where our experience and expertise can pay dividends for you.

Over the years, we have completed more kitchen and bathroom renovations than any other specific area of the house. One thing that has proven to be an issue for homeowners is the seemingly daunting task that goes with such a major change.  There are so many choices and styles of everything from cabinet styles to faucets, appliances to tile and accessories, that the best advice we can provide is to reach out to yourDreambuilders.ca.

With our experience, our suppliers, our design assistance, and the workmanship we can provide we will make your experience as stress free and enjoyable as the process can be.

Whether you are considering a simple upgrade or a major replacement, Dave and the team can provide fresh ideas and the expertise to upgrade your treasured home in a way you can be proud of.

Tile Setting

Tiling doesnt have to be difficult

Over twenty years of installing tile has provided the opportunity to replace almost every tile setting mistake possible.  In 20+ years yourDreambuilders.ca has installed various types of tile in every situation imaginable.

While the finished look is what catches the eye, it is the preparation and water proofing that is the key to a successful, long lasting installation that will make you proud to show your friends.  We have used the same products to waterproof our tubs and showers, keep our floors from moving and making sure the tile is properly secured.  In fact, when our supplier decided to renovate their service area, it was yourDreambuilders.ca that they reached out to.

If you are entertaining tile work for your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Basement Development

Unlock More Living Space

Ever thought of developing that cold, empty basement into comfortable living space?   Perhaps your basement was developed in the ’70s and it is time to upgrade that wood paneling and green shag carpet?

Developing your basement is the easiest way to unlock more living space, and it doesn’t have to look like your mother’s basement!  Sorry Mom! Imagine turning that wasted storage area into a comfortable and functional living space by adding bedrooms, a family room or a modern laundry room.

We will help turn your basement into a legal, safe extension of your main living space.  Whether you need a cool place to go on a hot summer evening, an adult getaway for you and your friends or a place the kids can go and have some fun, developing your basement is worthy of consideration.


Safe, Comfortable and Habitable

Calgarians are more than aware of the way a disaster such as the floods that affected so many of our local families in 2013 have life-altering effects.  In most cases, we have no warning that our life could be affected in a negative way.

Whether you experience a fire, a flood or your home is simply getting old, yourDreambuilders.ca will work hard for you to your home back to the safe, comfortable, and habitable environment it should be.

Exterior Renovations

Enjoy your summers more.

The long, warm sunny days of summer often means adding on to the house, adding a deck or renovating the back yard. The challenge is always how you can do that and yet still enjoy our 3 months of summer!

At yourDreambuilders.ca we are happy to sacrifice our warm summer days if it means helping you to enjoy yours.  Contact us about your summer projects and we will be happy to help you prioritize your schedule!

Project Management

Let experts manage your next project

While yourDreambuilders.ca prefers the gratification of working with homeowners with their home improvement projects, we have plenty of new home and light commercial experience in our 25 years. From time to time we receive inquiries from potential clients seeking somebody with the experience to manage such a project for them.

Depending on the Scope of Work and our schedule we will always consider managing the construction of your new home or light commercial project.

Other Services We Provide

Just the tip of the iceberg

yourDreambuilders.ca has the experience and qualifications to assist in other ways to help our clients out.  While the services above are our bread and butter, we have been involved in other projects that have caught our eye.  If you have a project and want to know if we could work with you on it, please don’t hesitate to ask.  If it is outside our expertise, we will either let you know or, if we can, suggest somebody who we know could help you out.

Along with numerous custom new homes over the past 25 years, we have been involved with several Commercial renovations throughout Southern Alberta and British Columbia. While some have come and gone, and others have been sold or closed, we enjoyed providing our services to the following:

·     Burger Baron (Olds and Cranbrook)

·     Mountain View Credit Unions (Carstairs, Didsbury and Crossfield)

·     Home Oil (Crossfield)

·     Mt. Baker Hotel (Cranbrook)

·     East Kootenay Credit Unions (Cranbrook and Elkford)

·     Model A Inn (Cranbrook)

·     Anita’s Bed and Breakfast (Cranbrook)